Easter Pleasures

by - April 01, 2010

Oh the special feeling of Easter in the air.  I love purple flowers, and these are especially pretty because they grow wild all in our big woods.
I have just had a little minor surgery...nothing major...just enough to keep me at home.  That is actually a good thing.  I have a hard time keeping myself at home.
We are on Spring Break next week, and the kids have today off for Parent/Teacher Conferences and tomorrow off for Good Friday.
The weather here in the Big Woods is absolutely gorgeous...80 degrees to be exact.  My door is open to my screen porch, and I am loving the feel of the outdoors coming inside.
My husband will take our kids to Maundy Thursday Service at church tonight.  My daughter has a special part in the service.  I will stay home and relax and enjoy my purple flowers.
Oh the special feelings when Easter is in the air...

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