Dogwoods in the Big Woods

by - April 09, 2010

When my husband and I decided to build our home, we chose the Big Woods without putting much thought into our decision.  Our home is built on family land. 

Many people questioned our choice to build a house in the middle of the woods.  I just thought it would be beautiful.

I have to say, my love of our place changes with the seasons.  I especially like spring as you can see by the view from my bedroom window.

Yes, it is dogwood season in Tennessee.  I love it when the dogwoods bloom in the Big Woods.

Can you guess which season I don't especially like in the Big Woods?
It could be fall, because of the presence of deer hunters all around.
But no, I actually like fall because the leaves are so pretty.

It could be winter, because of the danger of limbs falling during an ice storm.
But no, I actually like winter because of the how pretty the woods look when we have a snowfall.

My least favorite season is actually summer...because of the appearance of our friend the "tick".
When ticks appear, my family and I head indoors.
And believe me, there are lots of ticks in the Big Woods.

So for now, I will enjoy my strolling outside and the beauty of the dogwoods.  Tick season is not far behind.

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