Blog Changes

by - March 27, 2010

Thank you dear readers.  It has been such a pleasure talking to so many of you who follow my blog on a regular basis.  My motivation comes from being able to share with you a small part of our lives and interests.

I hope you have noticed my atttempts to make my blog more user friendly.  Blogger has added new templates, and I have chosen one that will allow more room for larger pictures, and utilizing the entire screen.  I hope you like the changes that you see.

I also am making an attempt to add page guides at the top of my blog.  This will help those of you who come to my site for a particular reason...for example, if you are just interested in "recipes". 

Please feel free to leave me comments anytime.  I am very interested in hearing what any of you think of the changes I have made.

Happy Reading!!!

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