Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vase of Red Maple

Oh Phil, Oh Phil, how you disappoint me...
Six more weeks of bad weather we will see..
After the ice storm, we had this not so beautiful limb across
our driveway.
It came from a red maple tree that had already begun to bud.
I decided to snip a few branches
and bring them to my screened in porch where the ice would not melt for a few days.
Absolutely beautiful.  The branches looked like glass in the sunshine.
Because the temperatures have warmed,this bouquet no longer looks like glass, but it is still beautiful.


Together We Save said...

When I drove to work monday morning the trees looked like silver, they were so pretty. I can only imagine how beautiful your woods looked.

Sarah said...

haha. thats what you were telling me about. :)


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