Sunday Fun Read

by - February 21, 2010

Janie is eating lunch at school one day when she recognizes the face that is on the back of her milk carton.  You know...the missing children pictures that they sometime put on school milk cartons.  The picture she is seeing is a picture of herself.  So the story begins.  How can she be missing when she lives with her parents?  Or are they really her parents? 
The Face on the Milk Cartoon by Caroline B. Cooney is one of my Sixth Grade girls' favorite books.  It is the first in a series that most girls will continue to read after they have finished the first one.

Whatever Happened to Janie
The Voice on the Radio
What Janie Found

My daughter enjoyed reading these books so much, she picked Caroline B. Cooney this year for her author study for Sixth Grade.  After writing a letter to Mrs. Cooney as part of the project, she was thrilled to get a letter back.  It is now one of her prized possessions.  How special.

All of these are reasons that I have selected The Face on the Milk Cartoon by Caroline B. Cooney as our Sunday Fun Read.

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