by - February 08, 2010

I am so excited.

Several years ago, I had this really neat "energy ball" that I used in my classroom to teach about closed circuits.  The entire class would stand in a circle with hands/arms touching.  Two of the students would be touching a metal strip on each side of the energy ball making a closed circuit.  With the circuit complete, the energy ball would light up and make a really cool sound.  If somebody dropped their hands, the energy ball would quit working.

The problem energy ball actually quit working.  And, I could not find another one...until now.

I am so excited.

While browsing other blogs one day, I came across a website that sells energy balls.

This is the website:

I had never heard of Steve Spangler before.  I really like his website.  He not only has Science items that can be ordered, but he also has sample experiments; and you can sign up for experiments to be e-mailed to you each month. 

If you are a Science Teacher or a homeschool Parent, you really should check out this website.

I am so excited.

What can I say?  It doesn't take much to get me excited.

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