Forcing Flowering Bushes Indoors

by - February 24, 2010

My Nashville Brother has the most gorgeous bouquet of Forsythia sitting on his kitchen bar.  He cut the branches, pounded the stems, and brought them into the house to trick the buds into believing that Spring is here, and it is time to bloom.  This is called "forcing".  Apparently, the buds fell for the trick, because the blooms are just beautiful.

I have no forsythia around here, so I decided to try some other bushes.  I cut the limbs from two bushes that I know have flowering blooms.

O.K....  so I have no idea what the
names of these bushes are. 
I know that is pitiful.
I have no idea if this will work.
It is simply an experiment.
Kind of fun though, don't you think?
I pounded the stems on concrete with a hammer.
Then, I placed them in a vase of water and brought them inside our warm house.
Look at the picture below...
After only three days, the buds are getting bigger!!!

I will keep you up to date and post the progress of these flowering limbs.
As I have said before, it doesn't take much to excite me.


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