Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forcing Flowering Bushes Indoors Part II


I promised to show you the progress of the flowering bushes I am forcing to bloom indoors...

I just never thought I would be showing you something this quick.

Look at how the leaves are beginning to show today!!!

I think the real fun in this is that I have no idea what this bush is going to look like. 
 It did not come from my yard...I know that it flowers, but I don't know what the flowers look like. 

Also, I thought I would mention today, that my blog counter is showing that I have received over 1000 views.  That just boggles my mind.  Thank you to all of you who view my blog regularly.  It has been great fun for me to share a little part of our life in the Big Woods with you. 


lovingmylife said...

This is awesome! I am going to bring in some lilac branches as soon as I can get to them! said...

I cannot believe you already have leaves. I guess brother knew what he was doing.

Together We Save said...

That is awesome!! Both the leaves and the visits.


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