by - January 16, 2010

Words to describe me:
teacher, mother, friend, blogger,...

What was that?...Did I say blogger?

Yes, I did say blogger, and do you know what? It feels great. I am a blogger.

People keep asking me, "Where in the world did you come up with the idea to blog?" 

So, I'll just tell you.

It all started with my love for couponing. While looking on the Internet for good coupon deals, I came across a group of ladies who blog about couponing. That was the first time I actually saw a blog.

Then, a really good friend of mine decided to create her own blog about couponing. I began to follow her blog, where I was introduced to the famous McMama.  I then found myself checking out my friend's blog, which is a great place to get coupons(http://www.togetherwesave.blogspot.com/), and McMama's blog(http://www.mycharmingkids.net/) every day.

I have been following McMama's blog for several months. I have thought about what draws people to her blog. First of all, she is a great writer. Her posts are fun and interesting to read. She is a photographer, so her pictures are really good. She has a son who has been dealing with a heart condition...this is where her followers have come from.  People all over the entire world have prayed for her son, Stellan. She has an awesome link on her site that shows thousands of people who have taken pictures of Stellan's name and emailed it to her to show their support. (He has had surgery, and he is now completely well.)

Even though I enjoy reading most of McMama's blogs, I have to admit that my favorite posts are when she shows pictures of her house. She really has a way of choosing paint colors and decorating.

A few weeks ago, when reading McMama's blog, I noticed a link to a lady who designs blog sites. I clicked on it and found myself watching a video from a television station that was doing a story on bloggers. The television anchor decided to set up a blog for herself, and she then showed step by step what she was doing. The next thing you know, I had a blog.

So what has blogging done for me?

Well, first of all it has been great fun. I have loved writing posts and taking pictures of really odd things.

It is a great conversation starter with friends. People will often ask me about a post or comment on something that I have written. I also really enjoy looking at comments that people have left underneath the posts. I did not leave comments on blogs that I was reading until I became a blogger. It is really easy to leave a comment, and I so enjoy reading them, so I invite you to leave a comment for me anytime.

It has been a great way to make connections with family and friends who live far away. They get a little glimpse into our lives and get to feel like they are a part.

It has been an awesome way to connect with other bloggers all over the world who have similar interests.  I have enjoyed reading Attic24's blog .(She just had a baby!)  She is from England and enjoys crocheting and cut  flowers...just like me. I can go to her blog and click on one of her favorite blogs and find other people that are also interested in crocheting and flowers.

And, I am hoping blogging will be a way to help bring in a little extra income. I'm sure you have noticed the ads that run on my blog. Bloggers are rewarded for displaying ads...a nice perk for all this fun.

So,...What happens to a person when they blog?

They have a blast!!!
Written by Joyce Sanders

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