Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My twelve year old daughter received a sewing machine for Christmas last year.  I want her to be able to sew, because using a sewing machine is a skill that I do not possess.  I can sew a straight line, but I cannot make anything other than pillows.  My Sewing Sister, on the other hand, can make anything.  So, I know the genes are probably there, it is just getting them to come out.

My daughter has made several things with her machine.

First, she made a pillow for her cat.

The funny thing is...the cat lays on everything in our house except this pillow.
It looks really cute though in our bathroom floor beside the cat's food and water.

At least, it won't wear out very soon.

This was very good practice for her with sewing in a straight line.  Then, she had to turn it, stuff it, and sew up the hole by hand.

Next, she made a quilt for her doll bed:

She actually made two of these and gave one to a friend.  Not bad for a beginning project.

Later in the year, we found a 4-H Sewing Club that my daughter decided to join.  We have been disappointed that they have only met one time.  At this meeting, she did get to make a pair of pajama pants:

She did a very nice job on these.

I am happy to say, that my little twelve year old is now in the process of making her very own quilt.  I will save these pictures for later, as it deserves a blog of its own.

Happy Sewing!


a.nl.walker said...

She's going to be a good wife and mother some day. She's lucky to have you to teach her. My children weren't so lucky and I don't think I taught them my dependability either. HaHa

Together We Save said...

She has inspired my daughter. She is now working on a quilt too.

Kifus said...

One of my daughters learnt how to sew all on her own. I tried teaching my second daughter but she prefers playing football.
Have a great week!


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