by - January 06, 2010

Let me introduce you to my siblings...

The Dependable Sister - this is the sister who is closest to my age.  She is the one that most people confuse for me, even though she is eight years older than me.  (She loves this.)  My dependable sister is the one I call when I need help...i.e. having car trouble in Nashville, picking up my kids, going with me to places I don't want to go by myself, etc. etc.  She doesn't like being the Dependable Sister, because she says that is no fun;  but, I think we have had plenty of fun.

The Lynchburg Sister - this is the sister we go to for shopping advice.  She can shop, she can put clothes and jewelry together, she can decorate a house, and she can take something that looks like nothing and make it look like something that we all want.  This is the sister who comes up with what we do at our family gatherings; like the year we had Oprah's Favorite things at our Christmas gathering.  She is fun, and we love to visit her at her Lynchburg home.

The Sewing Sister - this is the sister who obviously can sew.  She is the only one in our family who can sew.  She can make anything...I'll be sharing more of her creations in a later post.  I go to this sister for crafting advice, cooking advice, and raising children advice. (She has five.)  She is always busy and works faster than anybody you have ever seen.

The Horticulturist Brother - my brother is a horticulturist.  He has the most beautiful yard you have ever seen.  He even has orchids growing in his kitchen.  His biggest claim to fame is probably working with the Lawn and Garden Show in Nashville that is held each March  We think it is cool that he is usually on t.v. during this time.  We count on him to bring the most interesting dishes to our family gatherings.

The Dependable Sister, The Lynchburg Sister, The Sewing Sister, The Horticulturist Brother...I am not sure how people survive as only children. 

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