by - January 13, 2010

Do you write letters???



I use to ... especially when I was in college.

A dear friend (who roomed with me through four years of college) and I recently had a nice conversation about the lost art of letter writing.

She remembered that I had told her how I was writing a letter to each of my kids on their birthdays...And I have...at least, I did for a while.  These letters are tucked away, and I hope to give them to my kids when they have a home of their own.  A nice idea for some of you who may still have small children.

My friend shared with me an idea she used for her son's thirteenth birthday.  She asked people close to him to write a letter to him with advice on becoming a teenager.  He was given these letters along with his presents.  Great idea.

One of my favorite letters was written to my daughter by our pastor on the day she was christened.  He told her all about the day, who was there, what songs were sung, etc., and then he talked to her about the decision she would want to make one day concerning her own baptism.  Very special.

I have several letters that were written to me by students.  It is nice when a student shows their appreciation in this manner.  I have enjoyed finding some of these letters in my attic from students who are now adults.

I actually received a nice thank-you note (a letter) in the mail today.  It was so nice to be acknowledge in this way, rather than through an e-mail or a generic thank-you note.  I know this person took some time out of their day to reflect and write me this kind note.

Letter writing...

Do you write letters???


It is becoming a lost art.

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