by - January 20, 2010

Let me introduce you to a new game...

This is Apple to Apples.

     Have you ever played???

     It is so much fun...you will laugh and laugh.

     My Sewing Sister got this game for my children for their birthdays. 

     Somehow, we convinced my husband to play (he never plays games), and we all had so much fun that we couldn't stop playing.  We kept raising the number you had to have to win.

Teachers would love this game because you talk about adjectives and nouns.  You just don't realize that you're talking about adjectives and nouns.

When I was looking up the game on Amazon, I noticed that they have a Bible version.                         

     Wouldn't this be great to play with a Sunday School Class?

If any of you have ever played the Bible version, please comment and let me know if it is good.

Today is actually my Sewing Sister's birthday.  I won't share her age...but, she is just a few years older than me.  Happy Birthday Sewing Sister!!!

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