Easy Valentine Petit Fours

by - February 02, 2010

It's snowing....well, at least it was snowing.
The Big Woods are beautiful...we have about 1 inch of snow...problem is, it is now raining and sticking to the trees.
You do not want to be in the Big Woods during an ice storm. 
It is like a War Zone.
We have made our preparations to leave... if needed.
In the meantime, my daughter and I decided, it is time to get in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

So, we baked a deviled food's chocolate cake...
chocolate is the key ingredient for Valentines.
We used a sharp cookie cutter to cut
little heart shaped cakes.
Pretty...just like this.
But better if we add a little homemade buttercream icing.
Now a few sprinkles.
And there we have a lovely Valentine cakelette.
Do you feel the love???
Too bad we don't have enough frosting to make them all this way, so after rethinking our icing techniques, we end up with a lovely platter of Valentine petit fours.
It always seems Valentine's Day gets here before we have time to make any crafts or treats, so it was nice to have a Snow Day to make these fun little cakes.
The best part is...we put the cake scraps in the freezer to use later for hot fudge cake.

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