by - January 14, 2010

Need a quick and easy bird feeder that fits right in with its natural surroundings???

Just get a grape vine wreath and find a clay pot base that fits neatly inside.

Tie six lengths of hay twine together in a knot close to the bottom and close to the top.  Place the wreath in the twine, separating the lengths into pairs.  Hang from a tree limb and fill with bird seed.

We fill ours with water in the summertime for a bird bath!!!

Obviously, there is no where for the water to go...so when used to hold seed,
this bird feeder has to be emptied after a rain.
We have had all kinds of birds visiting this feeder, especially after a snowfall.

If you're wondering about our "Hallelujah Tree"...(click here)
the birds have been all over it.
There were so many birds after last week's snow, we noticed a giant circle under the tree that was clear of snow.
We're thinking the body heat from the birds
must have melted it.

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