Monday, January 25, 2010


Cell phones...

Cell phones and teenagers.

What has happened to us?

My son's cell phone died Saturday.

We thought my son was going to die.

We think he may have actually gone 18 hours without a phone.

It was not a good 18 hours.

Thank goodness he had some birthday money to buy a new phone.

The bad news was, Verizon has a new policy on high tech phones, so we have to pay $10.00 more a month, even though the cell phone is no better than the one he had before. 

Of course, the policy just went into effect last week.

Mom and Dad were not happy.

My son is very happy.

He has a nice new cell phone. 

It is a Samsung Alias 2.

The buttons don't make noise when you type text messages.

It opens two different ways.

It is smaller than the one he had before.

It fits better in his pocket.

All his text messages are organized by person.

Teenagers and cell phones.

Can you hear me now???

5 comments: said...

The things we do to please our children.

Deborah said...

Ha! Your post cracked me up. My pre teen SWARES she needs a phone. *Um... NO" is what we keep telling her.

Glad he survived!

S.I.F. said...

I ALWAYS think about this! My dad made me get a pager when I was 16 (and all my friends had cell phones)! He wouldn't let me have a cell phone until I was 18. Now I know kids who are 10 who have them. My friends daughter sends me the most ridiculous text messages throughout the day, along the lines of "Hi", and I think to myself "this is why kids shouldn't have phones"!

But, I think I'm just bitter because I didn't have one! :)

Sarah said...

i dont think he went 18 hours lol... he used yours.

Cayman said...

I thing that your son is well worth the $10. And it was only like an hour or so. lol:)


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