by - December 29, 2009

Almost one year ago, we found ourselves in the same boat as many others of husband's company downsized, and he was suddenly without a job.  After much pacing, worrying, and praying, we decided he should open his own business.

He had seen these really cool machines that can cut down small trees and brush and instantly turn them into mulch. And so...

The next thing we know, he is driving to Texas by himself to purchase a Fecon Bullhog Machine.

The rest is history.  We now have our own business.

This machine is really cool.  Look what it can do.


He made this four wheeler trail through the woods for our kids.

It is a really cool machine, and it is fun to watch it run.
You can have a grown up mess, and in no time, it is all shredded to mulch.  The machine is small enough to fit between trees, so that bigger trees can be left in place.

We feel really blessed to have come up with this idea.  Business was slow over the holidays, but now the phone is ringing again.

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