Little Greenhouse in the Piney Woods

by - October 27, 2013

Most people dream about one day becoming a famous singer, or
one day finding a hidden treasure, or
making the winning shot at a basketball game.
Not my Lynchburg sister???
She has always dreamed about owning her own greenhouse.
When we were growing up, my Dad always had a greenhouse.  At one time, it was almost as big as a football field. (Or at least in my kid sized mind that's how big it was.)  My Dad grew plants and sold them to local businesses.  I remember all the filling cups with dirt, transferring the seedlings, and constantly watering of plants.
Somewhere, my Lynchburg sister
inherited this itching to grow things.
So, she now has her own greenhouse.
I do have to admit that it is kind of cool.
The Amish built it for her.
The only thing missing is that lovely greenhouse smell. 
(I am serious...there is no smell like the inside of a greenhouse.  It smells heavenly.) 
That will come soon when she begins to sew seedlings and play in the dirt.
I hope to be able to share more on this journey she is beginning.

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